Creation and Management

We offer a woodland creation and management service for private owners. This could be someone who requires advice on  starting a plan of action - who would like to carry out practical work but is unsure of how to proceed. As well as anyone who needs men on the ground to carry out the work. Our focus is on small scale susutainable woodland management, without the use of heavy machinery.

Woodland design and tree planting. 

We have years of tree planting experience and have a passion for woodland creation projects. We can aid with the design of native woodlands to forest gardens, considering the local soil, climate and various other factors to determine the suitabliltiy of  tree species to plant. We pride ourselves on our careful methods of planting and after care, a very important factor in the establishment of the trees. 


Coppicing is a traditional method of woodland management which takes advantage of the capacity of many broadleaved tree species to send out new shoots from their stump when cut. The stump, called a stool, will after a number of years be cut again to create a cycle of cutting and re-growth. The length of cycles depends mainly on the species and the intended use of the coppiced wood. A well established coppiced woodland with areas at different stages of their cycle has the effect of providing a rich variety of habitats.

We practice coppicing in private woodlands and also within conservation areas. Often this invloves bringing neglected coppice back into rotation, or beginning the cycle in a newly planted woodland. The coppiced wood we cut is used in a range of  ways, from making hurdles and plant climbers to hedging stakes, bean poles and pea sticks.