We provide a wide range of modern and traditional fencing to suit your garden.

Closed board fencing: A very effective way to build a solid boundary. Can be installed up to a height of 2 meters, so can provide privacy. Generally made using feather edged treated softwood.

Post and rail: Can be installed to form a stock proof boundary, in combination with wire fencing if required.

An alternative is a durable, attractive and rustic fence using cleft oak/chestnut, constructed with mortice and tennon joints with the option of pailings.

Hurdles: We make these using hazel we have coppiced. They were traditionally used to pen in sheep, but are now much sought after for gardens panels. With a very asthetic natural appearance they provide an effective screen and windbreak.

In situ woven fencing: Using the same principles as the hurdes with woven hazel, but with oak/chestnut posts fixed in the ground to create a continous fence. The advantage of which allows for changing gradients and obstacles within the garden, creating an free flowing fence.     


We make and supply a range of wooden garden structures, including

Compost bins and raised beds:

Plant climbers and arches: Using coppiced willow and hazel to create the shape and size you require

Bean poles, pea sticks, stakes:

Garden furniture: One off commissions for bespoke garden furniture. From chainsaw carved seats to sawn/ cleft or woven wood designs.

For any of the above, we can incorporate your own ideas into the design!


Our services include

Landscaping: Turf laying, pond creation, edging, mulching

Hedge and shrub cutting:



Garden Clearance:

Garden Improvement